You can enter each specification with its curve performance.

Spec Explanation:

Center Frequency (Fo)
Insertion Loss (IL) from Level 0 to Fo
BandWidth (BW) at (-3)dB
Distance of Fo-( )MHz
Distance of Fo+( )MHz
Sensitivity (Attenuation) at Fo-( )MHz from Fo
Sensitivity (Attenuation) at Fo+( )MHz from Fo

Please list your specification as following point. According to the above figure, You can come out your spec value.

1. F0 (Center Frequency)--MHZ
2. -3dB BW (Bandwidth)--MHZ
3. IL (Insertion Loss)--dB
4. Attenuation (Isolation value)--dB
5. Size Limitation (LxWxH)--mm
6.Impedence (50 or 75)--ohm