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Custom Filter Service

We as worldwide expert in Bandpass Helical Filter enable to provide your 6 kinds of different Custom Service as bellow, including " Center Frequency Change", " Bandwidht Change", " Attenuation value adding", " Impendence Change", "Size Change", and " Modulizng" as well. See detail description as bellow.
(1) Center Frequency Change Service
 During 45MHz to 2600MHz (2.6GHz), any one point of frequency band is able to set up for you as your own specific bandpass filter. Surface and other spec value have no change, except the Frequency spec value. Lead time only takes 14 days.

(2) Bandwidth Change Service
We provide Bandwidth change from 2MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz, 15MHz, 20MHz, 25MHz, 30MHz, 35MHz, 40MHz, 45MHz, 50MHz, 55MHz, 60MHz, 65MHz, 70MHz, 75MHz, 80MHz, 85MHz, 90MHz, 95MHz, 100MHz, 105MHz, 110MHz, 120MHz, and any other Bandwidth you want. Let me know, we will give what you want. Surely, lead time only takes 14 days.

(3) Attenuation Value Adding Service
Temwell bandpass filter has flexible feature by adding pole to upgrade the electronic performance . Based on the 2pole spec value, we could enhance into 3pole, 4pole, 5pole and 6 pole and all are under the same Center Frequency and Bandwidth. But the Attenuation value could be increased 10dBc each time we add 1 pole up. No doubt, lead time only takes 14 days.


(4) Impendance Change Service
Want to customize or modify 75ohm filter for your specific device? Come to review our filter catalog and filter list. All 50ohm filters are able to be switched into 75ohm filter under exactly the same filter performance, including Center Frequency, Bandwidth, Attenuation, IL, RL, Dimension, etc. Let me supply your own custom 75ohm Bandpass filter. Lead time only takes 14 days.


(5) Size Change Service
 Looking for smaller filter? Temwell bandpass filter is able to be switch into small size with no change in spec value. Contact for more detail discussion. Lead time only takes 14 days as well.


(6) Modulizing Service
All our over 8000 kinds of different pin type filters are able to be modulized into connector type with three kinds of different connectors, N (50ohm), SMA (50ohm) and F (75ohm). You don't have to worry about how to install Pin type filter into PCB circuit. Just request the connector type for all. Lead time 14 days will complete all your need.


All of the above are our basic custom service. If you have any other needs and requirement. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.